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This is a series of 12 advanced workshops which look at the Physical Matter and Subtle Energetic aspects of each of the body systems from anatomical, physiological, clinical and psychological aspects and their aromatherapeutic treatment. Theory and Practical Demonstrations (12 separate days).

For Example:
The Digestive System
includes: The Intestinal flora. It's significance. Iatrogenic changes leading to motility alterations, Gastrointestintal symptoms: What do they really mean? The Gut Feeling and the solar plexus. Main conditions which produce them and aromatherapeutic treatment.

Certificates of Attendance will be awarded.
This day counts as a 6 hours credit towards the Aromatherapy Diploma Course acredited by the International Federation of Aromatherapists should the student wish to take this course at a later stage.

Cost Per Day: US $110.00 paid in full two weeks before the course starts. Otherwise US$130.00. Reservation is required.

This is a very popular series of workshops. We advise to reserve your place early. The price includes the essential oils studied, carrier oil, handouts and class material. Reference manuals and educational materials may be purchased.



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